About Flow-Eze Company

What We Do

Flow-Eze Company is a diversified niche company that is in the core business of imprinting products with a logo or design for the purpose of promotion, utility, or some other purpose sought by the client.


Our Mission

Flow-Eze Company's mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


Our Printing Expertise

Centrally located in Rockford, Illinois, Flow-Eze is ideally positioned to reach customers throughout North America. With three-generations of experience, we have the knowledge that you need on your next project. We understand the demands of each of the industries that we serve. From the unique challenges of the medical industry to the time constraints of the promotional products industry, we excel at working with each of our customers one-on-one, every time. When you choose Flow-Eze, you’re not simply choosing someone to print your part, rather, we believe that we are your Product Decorating Specialist and that it is our job to manage your project as if we worked in your company. At Flow-Eze, we guide you through the decorating process and give you as much or as little information throughout the process that you want.